What is Counselling?


Many people decide to come to counselling because of difficulties they've faced in their lives that, for one reason or another, are making it hard for them to cope. Some of these difficulties are traumas of the past and others are more present-based concerns.


With the increase in depression, anxiety and high levels of stress over the years it's not surprising that we're beginning to struggle with even daily tasks, making our problems feel insurmountable. 


Often we may not want to burden friends and family with our feelings or we may feel that we will not be truly heard by them. Counselling gives you a chance to talk over whatever issues are causing you distress in a confidential and non-judgemental environment. Here the focus is solely on helping you. 


During the counselling appointments you will be given the freedom to fully explore your feelings and helped to understand the reasons behind them. Over time this can allow you to work towards some form of acceptance or resolution.  

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