What is Counselling?


Counselling is a talking therapy where the counsellor is trained to listen to and support people to help them work out better ways of coping with things that are bothering them.  


As human beings we are naturally sociable so talking and sharing our experiences, feelings and problems is of course part of what makes us feel happier and healthier in life.  


Surprisingly though, many people have never experienced being truly listened to before unless they've had counselling.  


In part, counselling is helpful very simply because you are able to talk to someone who's a little removed from your life and situation, non-judgemental and compassionate and genuinely wants you to feel better about yourself and your life.  Since the counsellor is also trained and supported to help you don't need to feel you are offloading your problems on someone.

As a counsellor who provides both individual and couples therapy myself I think it's useful to explain that the role of the counsellor is to listen to both partners and 'hold the space' as they work through their difficulties and learn to be that caring and more helpful listener for each other too.